Reach Leads Wherever They Are

Successful marketing campaigns reach leads from several directions.

You have to reach out to your audience in the most effective and diverse manner to ensure they not only see your message, but also hear it.

Inalign's HubSpot gurus use many powerful tools to make sure your message is heard and keep track of your marketing success.

Analytics & Big Data

To sell to any market, you need hard data that gives you actionable insight into your visitors' motivations, needs and triggers.

That’s why we custom design reporting strategies for our clients so they can keep track of their marketing campaigns long into the future.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising. With engaging content, you can attract leads organically by offering the information your visitors want.

At Inalign, we help you develop your content strategy so you can get the leads you want. Whether you need help developing your content or help creating a lead nurturing campaign, we're here to help.

Events & Webinars

Make the most of your webinars and other event-based efforts by leveraging prospect info — and gain insight into what works and how to repeat that success.

With powerful integrations and HubSpot's COS, we'll make sure the process runs smoothly every time.

Take the mystery out of marketing

Lifecycle Marketing

Closing the sale is not the end of an effective marketing lifecycle. 

With HubSpot's powerful platform, we help companies maintain relationships with their existing customers, thereby encouraging customer loyalty and promoting word-of-mouth lead generation. 

Mobile Marketing

More than half of all e-retail interaction occurs on a mobile device*. That's why Inalign offers tons of ways to complement your sales efforts via the increasingly important mobile platform.

Online Ads & Campaigns

Our trusted online advertising partners generate interest and expand the reach of your marketing dollar, incorporating campaign management right into your HubSpot dashboard.

Sales Tools

As with any task, using the right tools for the job is essential. Arm your team and energize your HubSpot dashboard with the sales applications that increase revenue and close leads faster.

*According to a June 2013 Comscore survey

Social Media

Consider this: In a 2013 study*, 79% of salespeople who used social media sold more than those who didn’t — yet many companies still fail to devise a social media strategy. We help you construct marketing campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other key outlets to generate measurable results and maximize conversion rates.

*by Social Sales Specialist Jim Keenan

Video Marketing

Videos have become viable, effective sales tools, enabling you to showcase the benefits of your offering instead of just talking about them.

Use our partners’ video marketing solutions to entertain, engage, instruct and, ultimately, close the sale.