Marketing & Technology: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Your marketing and your online technology should work together for a shared goal: generating leads and sales.

In the 21st Century, the two cannot be separated. So why use separate vendors?

A single vendor managing your online technology and your digital marketing ensures the two integrate seamlessly to supercharge your efforts and drive more leads to you.

Examples of Integrating Online Technology & Marketing

We've worked with dozens of companies to unite their online assets with their latest marketing efforts.

Some projects include:

  • Enrollment Application and Lead Generation Campaign: we've developed an enrollment app to streamline enrollment for a service, while driving traffic to the app by creating content, improving SEO, running both PPC and LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Online Calculator: We've built online calculators to heighten user engagement while building marketing campaigns that both direct traffic to the calculator and convert the calculator visitors into leads. We've also integrated the calculator into existing lead-nurturing campaigns to re-engage stagnant contacts and drive more sales.
  • Online Quoting Application: We've developed an online quoting application to streamline the sales process and allow website visitors to instantly get quotes on complex, custom-manufactured parts. We used content marketing strategies like blogging to garner interest in the quoting tool and integrated it into their paid advertising campaigns to boost ROI.
Take the Mystery Out of Marketing

How We Unite Your Marketing & Technology

It all starts with getting to know your company, your industry and your buyer personas.

If you have existing marketing, we'll take the time to plan an integration with our latest campaign so we can maximize the fruits of our efforts.

We'll then work with you to develop a campaign that your buyer personas can't ignore. We'll immediately start to flesh out the marketing assets for the campaign, and develop a prototype of the technology that you can engage with.