Our team is made up of hybrid employees: they are skilled in a variety of disciplines and tools. They can do the full-stack, which gives you superior results while reducing costs. 

When you work with Inalign, you'll work with most—if not all—of these core members.

Gregg Crystal - Founder and CEO

Gregg Crystal is responsible for defining and implementing Inalign's solutions, and will be your first point of contact on any project. Gregg will work with you to mold your vision and develop the plan that will ensure success.

With more than 18 years of custom web development and online marketing experience, Gregg has been instrumental in our clients' success.

Prior to founding Inalign, Gregg developed mission critical radar systems for Sensis (DeWitt, NY), enterprise class business applications at Systems Made Simple, (Liverpool, NY), and worked independently as a consultant for several years before starting Inalign.

Gregg also received his Computer Engineering Degree from Clarkson University (Potsdam, NY).

Greg Holmes - Our Most Senior Software Engineer

Greg has over 15 years experience writing custom software applications. Armed with a degree from Clarkson University, Greg is relentless in his pursuit of perfect code.

Greg handles many of our toughest technical problems and is a mentor to all other software engineers on staff.

In addition, Greg is also certified in Inbound Marketing, and is the ideal Hybrid Consultant for Inbound Marketing Projects.

Jonathan Rudolph - Web Developer, Inbound Guru & Copyeditor

Jonathan has been a web designer and copyeditor for nearly 10 years.

He helps companies create stunning, conversion-driven designs that build brands and drive engagement.

He is fluent in HTML, CSS, JQuery/Javascript as well as C# and MVC.

He is also certified in HubSpot and works on both our Inbound Marketing engagements and website development using both the HubSpot’s and Sitefinity.

Steve Hoefer - Marketing Strategist

Steve has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing communications and public relations.

He helps our clients from their businesses through strategy, analysis and the execution of effective marketing actions.

He has helped companies big and small realize their marketing potential. He has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, but also also loves to provide marketing for smaller companies in his local community.

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