Our team is made up of hybrid employees: they are skilled in a variety of disciplines and tools. They can do the full-stack, which gives you superior results while reducing costs. 

When you work with Inalign, you'll work with most—if not all—of these core members.

Gregg Crystal - CEO/Founder

Gregg handles defining and implementing Inalign's portfolio of solutions. With 20 years of custom application development, web development and inbound digital marketing experience, Gregg has been the driving force behind our success. He has shaped the firm around his passion for online marketing, his engineering expertise, and his skills as a business leader.

Gregg is an invaluable resource for small and medium size businesses, which tend to have complex problems that often aren’t completely understood until after the project begins.

Gregg is a hands-on leader that not only helps guide the strategy and planning for each of our engagements but is also involved in the execution. He will work with you to define your goals and develop the plan that will ensure success.

Gregg earned his Computer Engineering Degree from Clarkson University (Potsdam, NY).

Greg Holmes - Senior Software Engineer

Greg has over 15 years experience writing custom software applications. Armed with a degree from Clarkson University, Greg is relentless in his pursuit of perfect code.

Greg handles many of our toughest technical problems and is a mentor to all other software engineers on staff.

In addition, Greg is also certified in Inbound Marketing, and is the ideal Hybrid Consultant for Inbound Marketing Projects.