Services are Nerve-Racking

We get it: buying services can be a little intimidating.

How do you really know they'll get your job done? How do you know they'll give you the result you really want?

While we can't answer all your questions, we want to address the most frequent concerns we hear so you know exactly what you're getting into when you work with Inalign.

How do I know the work's getting done?

Transparency is essential for both our clients and ourselves. You're not the only one who wants to make sure the project stays on track - we do too, because we don't want to move backwards

To ensure clarity and transparency we do two things for our clients:

  1. Regular meetings and updates to make sure we're all on the same page.
  2. We use software like Trello to keep track of existing, future and finished tasks. You can check it whenever you want to see what's getting done.

How can you actually do all the things you do?

We're a robust firm with robust, hybrid employees.

We can do so much because we understand how everything is connected. In marketing and development when you're working on one task, you're also helping another. The key is to see the connection and embrace your momentum.

Let's make the concept more concrete: when we're coming up with an SEO keyword strategy, we're also coming up with a PPC strategy (we'll use the same keywords), a content strategy (those keywords are prime topics).

Likewise, we might use PPC keywords to test for SEO keyword potential. We might even look at successful content to create keyword strategies or ideas. They're all connected.

This can be challenging when each employee has only one task or specialty in the process. At Inalign, we're all hybrid employees: that means we can not only work on any task, but also that we understand the relationships between the different areas. 

Will Inalign understand us and our customers?

Marketing and development fall flat without an intimate understanding of the business and its customers.

We've worked with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, so we know what it takes to learn yours.

Our background in custom development informs our ability to understand businesses: we've been building business-critical applications for decades, so we've developed a thorough understanding of diverse operations and client bases. We apply this same knowledge to our marketing and web development jobs.

How do we know 100% that Inalign is the right choice?

Due to the nature of most services, you won't know 100% with any partner. We get that. But think of it this way: we don't want the relationship to fail either

A bad relationship can ruin our workflows, efficiency and profits - so you know we'll always strive to ensure our businesses are the best possible fit.