When You Just Can't Buy It

These are the main reasons our customers prefer a custom ERP solution instead of off-the-shelf:

  • The functionality you want doesn't exist in off-the-shelf packages
  • There's too much functionality - you'd be paying for features you don't need and won't use
  • Yearly maintenance costs are too high
  • Customization costs are too high-or customization is not possible
  • The software would be forcing you to run your company a certain way
  • You want software to match your processes - as this is your edge against your competition

What Can Be Built?

We're often asked what is possible to create, especially assuming that the budget isn't millions of dollars. In a nutshell, anything you've seen somewhere else can be built. Anything you think of, can be built. This is the glory of software development. It can do anything.

Common ERP features:

  • Online Quoting Engines: We've developed the hardest pricing algorithms and service configuration options
  • Manufacture Routers/Work Orders: Send the quote to the shop floor, with a click of button
  • Scheduling Applications: Let your Plant Manager see all of the projects and tasks for the day/week/month and allow him to reschedule and prioritize as needed
  • Shop Floor: Every employee logs in to the shop floor application to get the next job, enter QC information, and input time
  • Shipping Modules: Integrate with all of the major service providers, and allow for partial and full shipments
  • Integrate with Accounting: We create the necessary hooks to get all of your data to the right accounting package, most notably Quickbooks
  • Reporting: Real time reports on all of your data. Quickly export reports to Excel for even deeper filtering

How Much Effort is Required to Build a Custom ERP?

You're not just working with Inalign for software. We also provide the business analysis that you need to get the solution. We've worked with hundreds of companies to figure out their unique requirements.

That said, we work very independently. You don't have to manage us. The initial startup for a project requires a few weeks of planning and preparation (and a lot of input from you, the customer) and after that weekly meetings suffice.