Don't Get Forced Into Someone Else's Sales Model

It's time that you manage your sales YOUR way. You will never be locked into someone else’s idea of how sales and support should work again!

Your sales and customer retention process is unique to your business model, and your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software should encompass all aspects of interaction your company has with its customers.

If your CRM doesn’t exactly fit your business process, maybe it’s time for a custom solution.

Inalign builds custom web based CRM software that can fit your business model and integrate into applications and services that you already use.

Some features that we've built into custom CRMs include:

  • Industry-specific processes and terminology.
  • Custom workflow and sales processes.
  • Web Services for exchange of data into other Applications such as QuickBooks, Great Plains, Timberline, Peachtree and Exchange.
  • PDF flyer generation of documents, contracts and faxes.
  • Integration of incoming and outgoing email correspondence to customers, projects and tasks.
  • Channel partners and Reseller access.
  • Reporting for on-demand access to critical information.
  • Executive dashboard interfaces for business at a glance.