The Beginning
Time Required: 1 Week

Discovery is the first part of any project. During this phase we establish:

  • The ultimate goal of the website (attract, engage, convert)
  • Likes and Dislikes of the current website
  • Likes and Dislikes of other competitive or similar websites
  • Important dates and milestones

The Middle
Time Required: 2-10 Weeks

This is the project execution phase, and where the bulk of the work is completed.

Inalign uses a storyboarding process. We will wireframe every page within the site. We have a process by which we present a wireframe within Sitefinity. This process creates a wireframe that allows for navigating through the site.

Once the storyboard is approved we begin to develop the design. We focus on creating two major design concepts. After selecting a major design, many minor design changes are made throughout the end of the project.

If a design cannot be agreed upon after presenting two concepts, we keep going! We will provide more major design concepts, but in our experience after doing a proper discovery phase we are usually able to get a solid major concept within the first two designs.

As the design is implemented and the final site begins to take shape, review meetings are centered around the following questions:

  • Are we meeting our ultimate goals?
  • Have we provided ‘likes’ and avoided the ‘dislikes’?
  • Are we meeting our project dates and milestones?

The key during this phase is constant review and validation. A project should never get ‘off-base’ by more than a couple of days, as meetings are scheduled 1 -2 times weekly.

The End
Time Required: 1 - 2 Weeks

Once the design is complete and implemented, there is a period of reflection and review of the final, finished project.

We recommend allowing for a project ‘cool-down’ phase where the website is completed and the client has time to ‘get used to’ the new website before going live.

This allows for any last minute changes that could only be seen once the final implementation is complete.

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