Nearly 20 years ago, Inalign was founded by Gregg Crystal to provide custom development and programming solutions for companies that needed to improve productivity, efficiency and online branding.

Since that time, Inalign has partnered with companies like Sitefinity and HubSpot to provide clients with even more powerful resources to expand their operations and online presence.

We have found great success on all fronts, quickly becoming a Sitefinity Platinum Parmer and a HubSpot Gold Partner.

In that time, we have completed 100+ Sitefinity Projects along with hundreds of other custom development and product integration projects.

Company Overview

We have a tight-knit group of hybrid employees who are skilled in a variety of disciplines and tools.

We are a full-stack development firm, capable of developing both on the server-side and the front-end. For our clients, this means more productivity in less time with less overhead.

Communication and collaboration are key to our operation. That’s why we prefer a tight-knit group of four employees who can collaborate and produce measurable results efficiently and effectively.

Our belief in communication and collaboration carries over to our relationships with our clients. We believe our work requires an intimate understanding of our clients, their company, their people and their goals.


In nearly 20 years, we have helped 250+ companies complete thousands of projects.

In Sitefinity alone, we have completed over 100 projects.

We have worked with companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries, including numerous non-profit and educational organizations, so we know what it takes to help you get the most from Sitefinity.

Take Control of Sitefinity