We have over a decade of experience with building websites and large web-based applications in .NET.

Nowadays we focus on developing streamlined applications through the MVC Framework, but we're still experts in WebForms for existing and legacy projects.

ASP.NET MVC Framework

We utilize the latest MVC framework for all of its custom development and Sitefinity development. From MVC 1.0 to MVC 5.0 we have created dozens of web applications that allow for highly customized business rules to be implemented on the web.

MVC allows us to create a mult-tier application with code separation of the UI, Business Logic, and Database tier. This is crucial for creating large, complex applications that require multiple developers with different skill sets.

Examples of Our ASP.NET Web Applications

  • We've deployed apps that have more than 50,000 subscribers and more than 2,000 concurrent users utilizing load-balanced servers.
  • We've deployed custom ERP applications that run entire manufacuturing facilities.
  • We've created custom CRM applications.