Any website development project requires a strong understanding of the goal you're trying to achieve (the business requirements) and the technology you're going to use to achieve those goals (Sitefinity).

We work Marketers, Developers, CIOs, CMOs, and everything in between to figure out what you're trying to do and determine the best way to do it.

Customizing Sitefinity to Empower Your Team

The biggest challenge we face is working with end users to make sure that they not only get the website they need, but that it's editable in a way that marketers can do their job everyday.

Most engagements start with the customer providing a list of things that can't do. 

This goes against the whole purpose of a CMS!

Developers are looking for ways to customize Sitefinity without having to be a Sitefinity expert.

By using best practices and tried and true technique's we can make both groups happy. While Sitefinity can be daunting at first to some, it doesn't have to be.

Get Customization without Sacrificing Control

For many companies customization means less control, at least for the non-developers. Custom programs require custom code that’s only accessible by a few people in IT or development.

We break that tradition. Our Sitefinity customizations empower your team, even if most of them don’t know code.

What You Get from Inalign’s Sitefinity Customization

While every project is different, here are a few features we include in every project:

  • Easy-to-Use Control: edit your content efficiently, with as little training as possible.
  • Code Free Editing: We keep the content seperate from the presentation, so you can edit without HTML or CSS Knowledge. 
  • Smart Templates: make edits globally, so you only have to do it once.
  • Intelligent Categorization: we'll leverage Sitefinity's Taxonomy features to help you categorize your data. 

We have a powerful set of tools to make your Sitefinity project perfect for your requirements:

  • Module Builder: to create your own custom database for information.
  • Bootstrap Framework: ensures you always have a responsive, mobile-friendly design.
  • AngularJS, KendoUI and Bootstrap: for fully-customizable, easy-to-use UI controls.
  • Sitefinity Membership Provider: to add custom login controls for your team and your customers.

We want to be your web development firm for all things Sitefinity!

Take Control of Sitefinity