At Inalign, we believe communication and collaboration are central to successful projects. That's why we practice agile marketing and development to ensure we're always working towards shared goals.

While every project is unique, they tend to follow a pattern. We've laid out the general flow of projects so you'll know what it's like working with Inalign:

Getting to Know Each Other

It starts with getting to know your company, your customers and your culture.

In most projects we do, an intimate knowledge of the company and industry is necessary to achieving success.

Whether we're working on your marketing, developing a website your team can easily update, or creating a custom program for your company - a thorough understanding of your goals, processes and capabilities is needed.

In this time, you'll also get to know us. You'll get to know the team and better understand how we'll work with you.

Getting the Work Done

Once we have a solid understanding of you and your company, we can get to work.

What we learned will allow us to work without supervision or constant direction.

We know you're busy, so we want to take up as little time as possible while getting the job done.

Yet, communication is key to the relationship. So we will arrange regular meetings and updates with you so you're always aware of the project's status.

When the Work is Complete

The project doesn't end when the work is complete.

We will provide complete documentation for what we did. Depending on the job, we also frequently provide personalized training for more complex tool work, such as HubSpot or Sitefinity fundamentals.

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