For our clients, the agile methodology means we have regular communication and evaluations throughout the development and marketing process.

In most cases we meet with the client weekly to discuss our progress and review any concerns or changes they might have.

Get More Transparency & Flexibility

This gives our clients maximum transparency and flexibility for their project.

Regular evaluations allow us to adapt to our clients’ changing requirements as the project progresses.

If they want to change a feature of their project, we adapt. If their priorities change, we adapt.

More Reviews Mean Better Quality

Internally, the agile methodology means we discuss our progress and peer-review our work regularly, usually daily.

This ensures our developers have a clear picture of where both the sprint and the project as a whole stand. It also allows us to catch and correct any potential problems early in the project.

When working with partners or agencies, it is important that we meet with them daily to discuss our progress and peer-review our work. This ensures the entire team stays on the same page and the project progresses as planned.

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