We have been working with various client side frameworks since the early days of Flash programming.

Angular is our SPA framework of choice. We have used both the 1.x versions and 2+ versions.

Angular pairs well with a .NET application that utilizes the Web API. 

Bootstrap vs Material

We have developed Angular applications with Bootstrap components and Material components.

We like Bootstrap for customer facing apps where you need absolute control over the UI.

Material is a great choice for internal apps. The look and feel of Material is great out of the box and ideal for internal users who need functionality first and custom design second.

Examples of Angular Projects

  • We have integrated Angular modules with our ERP application, so new development can be done with Angular without having to rewrite the entire UI
  • We have created numerous Customer Portals 
  • We have created many applications that require a slick UI with many visuals, moving elements, etc.