Taking the Mystery Out of Making Money

With all the information available online, there should be no mystery left in your marketing.

Unfortunately with all that data, important information can be lost. When that happens, you don't just lose information. You lose actionable insight.

That's why you need an analytics plan and set of tools that will target just the information you need to build a successful marketing campaign.

Keyword Research

At Inalign, we use tools like HubSpot and SEMRush to analyze your organic search rankings for target keywords. This allows us to monitor your online search presence frequently to ensure growth and maintain leadership in search results.

Competitive Research

Again, tools like HubSpot and SEMRush provide great insight into the online marketing effort of your competitors. Analyzing this data will let you know where your marketing stands and helps us create a realistic strategy and timeline for success.

Of course, the competitive analysis phase also informs our keyword targeting. We'll analyze all the keywords your competitors rank for and target any that we think will benefit your marketing campaign.

We've also developed a (currently) internal application to monitor, analyze and report on competitors so you're never caught unaware.

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords offers a tremendous amount of data, but if you don't know where to look you could be hemorrhaging you advertising budget.

Even successful ad campaigns need a deep-diving analytics report to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

At Inalign, we also leverage your advertising data in other facets of your marketing, from keyword strategy to competitive analysis. It's all about connecting the data.

Frustrated by the State of Your Marketing?