You Can't Afford to Make Mistakes

In today's highly competitive online space, there's no room for error. That's why it's so important to regularly audit your online assets and marketing.

Technology and best practices evolve quickly so you can't afford to wait every few years. Not only that, it's only human to miss a few things here or there—and after awhile those add up!

At Inalign, we provide in-depth audits for just about every online asset. From content marketing, SEO and AdWords audits to HubSpot configuration audits, we do it all.

Deeper Data than You've Ever Seen Before

There are lots of advantages to being a hybrid company—and developing custom marketing analysis applications is one of them.

We've built custom programs to help analyze not only your data, but your competitors' data as well. We have the ability to dig deeper into the information than any major marketing tool that we've seen.

Is Your Digital Marketing Stuck?

Our Comprehensive Audit Covers All the Bases

  • Content: We'll dig deep into your content to analyze your headlines, metadata, body text along with core SEO elements on those pages. We'll also connect this data to your keyword strategy, or help you develop one if you haven't already.
  • Competition: An often under-utilized report since many online tools remain inaccurate, but we've developed a strategy to obtain more accurate competitive information. We'll dig deep into their keyword strategies, content marketing, and anything else to identify what you need to beat them out.
  • SEO: This is a deep dive into your site's SEO. It includes diving into information like keywords, metadata, headlines, site speed, data markup.
  • Social Media: How does your company hold up on social? We'll help you identify best practices for your company and let you know where you stand against your competitors.
  • AdWords: This audit dives into your advertising to find more nuanced information to boost your campaign. We'll look into information like top locations, time-of-day, actual search queries, ad positions, competitive analysis and demographics information.
  • Marketing Automation: We'll help you make sure you've optimized your lead nurturing campaigns, workflows and any other marketing automation configurations.

It's Not Just Data. It's a Roadmap.

We don't just deliver the most comprehensive audit on the market, we also tell you what to do next. That means your team gets a clear roadmap to achieving your marketing goals.

Ready for a Roadmap to Marketing Success?

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“The digital audit provided by Inalign gave me clarity by establishing an objective professional assessment of our performance across all of our digital marketing channels and a prioritized roadmap for improvement."

Sherry Widrick
Director of ERP Strategy
Barry-Wehmiller International

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