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Company Overview

Newcut is a Photo Chemical Etching processing plant based out of Newark, NY. They manufacture a wide variety of precision metal parts including filters, EMI/RFI shields, flat springs and custom components for diverse industries throughout the country.

They have a reputation for solving the toughest precision part challenges with exceptional quality, accuracy and attentive customer service. With R&D Specialists on hand and decades of experience, Newcut has developed parts for companies in dozens of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and commercial electronics.


To generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Drive Quality Traffic that would translate into increased leads and sales.

While Newcut sees year over year growth, they felt that there were more new customers that they could reach.


Newcut’s goal was to increase more targeted website traffic, marketing qualified leads and ultimately gain an increase in sales.

To improve results, Newcut wanted to engage with their prospects and reach more businesses using a digital marketing approach.

Their goal was to accurately communicate their unique expertise and to show their audience how Newcut’s services could help them succeed.

One of the biggest challenges that Newcut wanted to overcome was keeping up with today’s marketing trends to get ahead of their competition.

Due to busy schedules, Newcut required a marketing team who could work independently and fully understand their niche industry without becoming a burden to the staff.

Inalign's Solution

Inalign worked with Newcut to implement a strategy that would grow the Newcut brand and show their authority in the Photo Chemical Machining space.

Inalign fully ingrained themselves into the complex world of Photo Chemical Machining so they could produce high-quality content without requiring constant attention from the Newcut team.

Complete Marketing Audit

Why:To gain a complete understanding of the challenges Newcut was facing in marketing, Inalign completed an inbound marketing audit and a competitive analysis of their current marketing activities.

Solution: Our findings helped us build a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy for Newcut.

Goal: Provide an analysis that would make the next steps in marketing clearly understood. Establish an ROI on each marketing activity.

SEO Strategy

Why:Newcut’s existing keyword strategy was attracting too much B2C traffic, but Newcut wanted to grow their B2B clientele.

Solution: By updating their SEO and PPC strategies, Inalign targeted more relevant long-tail keywords that attracted the audience Newcut truly wanted to reach.

Goal: Develop a thorough understanding of the keywords that are most relevant and profitable. These keywords are then used throughout other content generation efforts.


  • Organic Traffic Increased 20%;

Website Redesign

Why: Newcut’s website had not been updated in several years, so it required both a web design and content refresh.

The design was not mobile friendly, conversion paths were unclear and the content did not accurately narrate the unique capabilities of Newcut.

Solution: To stay up-to-date with today’s trends, the website needed a cleaner, more contemporary design and a layout that was more user friendly. In addition, the website was to be fully mobile responsive.

Inalign redesigned the site to provide users with a dynamic, interactive experience full of compelling calls-to-actions that were placed on each page.

Goal: Increase the engagement and conversions by providing improved content, clearer conversion paths and a more intuitive navigation.


  • Unpaid Conversions increased 1,075%

All Visits (Organic and Paid) increased 43%

CTAs and Landing Page Creation

Why: When Inalign began work on Newcut’s site, the only calls-to-action on the site were a phone number and a small contact form.

Not everyone is ready to purchase, though, and Newcut needed to gain visibility with prospects that were interested in their company but did not have a project ready to quote.

Solution: We added more calls-to-action for visitors at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

The calls-to-action helped drive website visitors to landing pages. These leads would provide their contact information in exchange for an ebook or other offer resulting in increased lead nurturing opportunities.

Goal: Develop CTAs to engage with prospects that are interested in Newcut, but not ready to quote (this is first step in lead nurturing).


  • Unpaid Conversions Increased 1,075%

There is now proof that prospects are willing to give information prior to needing a sales conversation.


Why: Another step toward increasing traffic and leads was to implement a blog that published fresh, resourceful content on a consistent basis.

This was a great opportunity for Newcut since there were not many Photo Chemical Etching blogs to locate in the market.

Goal: Increase thought leadership and organic search results.


  • Organic Traffic Increased 20%

Optimize PPC Campaigns

Why: One Newcut’s major challenges with PPC was the traffic: even though they received a lot of traffic, much of it was not relevant to their marketing goals.

Solution: We updated and restructured their campaigns, ad groups and keywords to better target their ideal audience.

We also optimized ads to increase Click-Through-Rates and attract the right visitors.

Goal: Reduce the amount of traffic irrelevant to Newcut’s marketing goals and increase the quality of clicks.


  • Paid Conversions Increased 800% without changing daily spend


Since Newcut has begun working with Inalign they have seen:

  • an increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by 300%
  • an increase in New Customer Quotes by 57%

The continued improvement in traffic and lead generation has helped drive more sales and grow their brand authority online.

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