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We combine our business expertise and technology skills to generate more traffic to your website and internet properties

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Once you have enough Prospects you need to convert them to leads.

Is your website converting for you?

Are you nuturing leads and making them sales-ready?

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How does a lead become a sale for your business?

Can the process be automated?

Take control of your sales pipeline and push highly qualified, sales-ready leads to your sales people.


Learn How We Implement Inbound Marketing In Your Industry.


Retail Energy

We build marketing campaigns to grow leads and develop long-term relationships with energy consumers.

Inbound creates a practical compliment to existing retail energy marketing strategies.



Using Inbound allows manufacturing companies to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Lead nurturing campaigns make sure your brand comes to mind when leads are ready to buy.


Technology Services

Marketing automation keeps your marketing pumping without sacrificing too much time.

Build workflows and smart lists to reduce time while growing leads.

Bring in More Leads

You +

When you work with Inalign,

you are not simply working with a partner who uses Sitefinity, but a partner that has taken it apart, stretched its boundaries and memorized the code to fully understand exactly how far this expansive CMS can go.

Custom Development

Custom Development

If you've been looking for an experienced Sitefinity development firm who can affordably customize your Sitefinity website - you can relax, you've found us!

100+ Sitefinity Projects

Sitefinity Projects

Here at Inalign we have customized Sitefinity for years.

Our skills with ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery are just what you need.

Sitefinity Platinum Partner

Sitefinity Partners

We provide custom websites and modules for the top CMS.

Our solutions provide the flexibility companies need to impress and convert visitors.

you + Technology

We love technology. We've lived with custom projects for over 20 years.

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Code Without

Our Strategy is to build long term relationships with your company. We focus on custom software projects that are business and mission-critical.

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When Code is

When you need something built that hasn't been built before, we're here for you.

We'll walk you through the requirements, development, and deployment process.

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Complex Business

Our engineers are used to working with very complex business requirements that only your company has.

That's the nature of custom!

The unknown is our specialty.