Why Feather is Critical for Your Sitefinity Implementation

by Gregg Crystal Sep 07, 2016

There's always more than one way to build a website, even one that is built within the same CMS tool.

For Sitefinity, a key ingredient to success is to use their Feather module.

Feather is an open source framework developed by Sitefinity that uses newer technology to make building websites even easier.

A big differentiator for developers is that Feather uses Microsoft's MVC framework, which replaces Microsoft's Webforms framework.

Even if you're not a developer, here's some important reasons to use Feather:

1. Feather Allows for HTML and CSS Control

Control is everything.

One of the complaints of any CMS tool (and Sitefinity is no stranger to this) is that the CMS tool uses their own markup and code to place various controls on a page.

With Sitefinity, for example, they previously relied heavily on Microsoft's WebForms, which would generate lots of HTML code that was very hard to modify.

Feather makes changing and updating the CMS's out of the box controls much easier.

2. Feather Makes Module Builder Easy to Use

If you're not using module builder, you should. It's the best way to separate content from presentation.

With Feather, you can edit HTML widgets directly in the back end of Sitefinity. The syntax to make these edits is much easier. When anything is easier in Sitefinity, it means it's cheaper and it provides more control.

3. Feather Has Integrated with Bootstrap

We are big proponents of Bootstrap, and Feather comes with a collection of controls that utilize the Bootstrap Framework.

When using Feather and Bootstrap, Sitefinity provides layout controls and content controls that use Bootstrap HTML and CSS classes.

If you're a developer and you already know Bootstrap, you have a big head start with Sitefinity.

4. Feather is Open Source

Having a great framework without any support is not really that great at all.

Sitefinity, however, provides many Feather examples and best practice solutions in Github.

If you're new to MVC, this is also a great opportunity to download the source code and see how the 'pros' at Sitefinity built their controls.

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