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  • Telerik Sitefinity 7.0 Released!

    by Gregg Crystal | Apr 14, 2014

    We are currently updating to Sitefinity 7.0 and we'll start to provide more feedback as we go through it.

    So far, it's an impressive list of changes, improvements, and bug fixes, as noted here:

    The improvements to MVC are worth the upgrade! Take a look:

    • @Html.RenderPartial and @Html.RenderAction do not work (FP)
    • Using @Html.Action renders partial views before the containing view instead where the helper is invoked in the view (FP)
    • Having multiple MVC widgets that perform redirect on HttpPost always refer to the HttpPost action of the first widget controller (FP)
    • In MVC Widget with Designer the field value is not populated (FP)

    The Marketo Connector also has been fixed with:

    • Marketo Connector: Fixed an error when reattaching to submit buttons after the update panel is refreshed
    As we go forward with our own site we'll start to update this blog with more examples of 7.0.
  • Marketo and Sitefinity Personalization

    by Gregg Crystal | Mar 25, 2014

    We are currently working on a personalization project for our own site,, which should be done in the next couple of weeks.

    We're using the personalization features of Sitefinity to modify the 1-800 number on our website based on which PPC or Search campaign brought a visitor to our site. We have different salespeople for Marketo vs Sitefinity.

    In addition, our homepage will be more Marketo or Sitefinity focused based on which search terms led the person to our site. We're doing this by changing content and filtering the Blog Posts based on the taxonomy of the posts.

    We are also utilizing the Marketo Connector to get Contact Us form requests to Marketo to increase lead score.

    Based on lead score from Marketo, we will modify the Call To Actions in some templates.


  • Firefox - Firebug console grouping of log statements

    by Gregg Crystal | Mar 03, 2014

    At some point in the not so distant past, firebug was updated so that the default behavior of new console.log statements, if identical to the previous log statement, would not generate an additional row of text in the console, instead the console would increment a counter of the last statement on the far right.

    While this counter behavior might sound good on paper, in practice, it makes it a little more difficult to see what is going on with your logs because usually your eyeballs are on the far left looking for new log entries.

    Thankfully, the firebug people made the counter behavior an option which can be switched off if you go into the about:config of Firefox.


       Just double click the preference to change it to false…

    1. Did Technology Kill the Traditional Sales Approach?

      by Gregg Crystal | Feb 19, 2014

      Hello !

      The ideas that brought you to today are not the same ideas that will bring you to tomorrow.

      What worked THEN Traditionally, inside and outside sales people called on customers and prospects to determine if there was a need, the types of products or services that would fill that need, deliver sales literature and then wait for the buyer to make a decision.

      The Downside:

      • Sales Reps time spent creating leads. 
      • Sales Reps time spent nurturing leads on companies not interested, ready to buy or have the budget.
      • Long sales lead time, high sales turnover and low revenue growth.

      What works NOW.  Buyers are much more in control of the buying process now. They can research your company the products and services you provide all online and on their own terms!

      Here is a proven solution for increasing revenue and sales velocity:

      • Deliver relevant content the buyer needs to solve a current or future business problem.
      • Provide insight for sales on buyer preferences and interest.
      • Deliver Sales Ready leads to the Sales Department.
      • Measure and analyze sales leads
    2. The ABC of Marketing Automation

      by Gregg Crystal | Feb 04, 2014
      ABC: Always Be Collecting

      You could also call it the ABCD of Marketing Automation: Always Be Collecting Data.

      This is either statistics of successful email subject lines, content, landing pages, and general customer interest. No interest is still information.

      Every campaign yields information if mined properly.

    3. Get Rid of Floats, Make Your Design More Responsive

      by Gregg Crystal | Jan 15, 2014
    4. Responsive Websites with Sitefinity, Unsemantic, and Normalize

      by Gregg Crystal | Jan 15, 2014
      I frequently get asked by a client if they can use a particular CSS framework or Javascript library will work with Sitefinity. So far the answer has always been 'Yes', I've never found one that could not work with Sitefinity.

      Sitefinity is just an engine that sits on top of .NET. It doesn't prevent you from using any CSS or Javascript files that you like.

      You can also use whatever off-the-shelf image rotators, social medial share buttons, or video plugin that you choose.

      For responsive design projects, we've been using Unsemantic and Normalize. Unsemantic provides a great framework for laying out on mobile and tablets, and Normalize is just a good CSS reset.

      For all Sitefinity projects, we start with a base Master Page file that other templates derive from. This gives us the most control for including Javascript libraries and for settings up the layout divs just the way we want.

      The CSS files are brought in via a standard .NET theme.

      Once that is done, you use Unsemantic as you would on any other site, by properly associating classes to divs.

      We don't use the Layout Manager in Sitefinity much, as it can add too many divs to your HTML and doesn't provide the granular control that we need for our HTML.

      We also don't use the Responsive Design Module, as the tool (to date) makes many global configurations. Such as, all three column divs will look like a single column on mobile. You can't say that a three column layout on one page looks like a single column and on another page it will look like two columns and a large single column underneath. All of the rules are all or none.

      Sitefinity navigation uses the KendoUI components and they offer a very robust control for styling the navigation any way you like. There's also javascript that you can edit within the Navigation Widget Template Editor.

      We're working on making the Inalign site responsive, and when complete, I'll post some screenshots and code examples.
    5. Changing the Sitefinity MVC ViewEngine

      by Gregg Crystal | Jan 10, 2014
      In the coming weeks I'll be posting interesting things we've been doing with MVC and Sitefinity.

      We had some issues with Sitefinity's ViewEngine, specifically where it would search to find controls within Areas.

      Sitefinity didn't seem to support Areas at all, and we use Areas all the time on every project.

      So, we created our own ViewEngine and swapped out Sitefinity's for our's and it works like a charm.

      Some would call this example of a 'bug' with Sitefinity, but I'd rather think of it as a bonus. Sitefinity sits on top of .NET and MVC quite nicely, and anyway you can configure MVC you can configure Sitefinity as well. You can create your own ViewEngine in MVC as well.
    6. Telerik MVC issues with IE 11

      by Gregg Crystal | Jan 06, 2014

      .NET 4.0 (or earlier) doesn’t recognize the user agent string used by IE 11. 

      This is only an issue for web applications that do user agent sniffing. 

      Telerik MVC components do user agent sniffing and pages that use them blow up in IE 11.

      Below is an example of that error, you'll see it dies on Telerik().StyleSheetRegistrar().

      Telerik MVC IE11 Issue

      In IE 11, I can use the developer tools to set the user agent string to IE 10, and things work normally again.

      IE11 Emulate IE10 With Developer Tools

      Microsoft released hot fixes for .NET that will address this issue.  Alternatively, installing .NET 4.5 on the server will fix the issue where websites are running .NET 4.0 (.NET 4.5 supports the IE 11 user agent string).

      Hot Fixes:

      • 2836939 .NET 4 - Win7SP1/Win2K3SP2/Win2K8R2SP1/Win2K8SP2/VistaSP2/WinXPSP3
      • 2836940 .NET 3.5 SP1 - Win2K3SP2/Win2K8SP2/VistaSP2/WinXPSP3
      • 2836941 .NET 2.0 SP2 - Win2K3SP2/WinXPSP3
      • 2836942 .NET 3.5 SP1 - Win7SP1/Win2K8R2SP1
      • 2836943 .NET 2.0 SP2 - Win7SP1/Win2K8R2SP1
      • 2836945 .NET 2.0 SP2 - Win2K8SP2/VistaSP2
      • 2836946 .NET 2.0 SP2 - Win8RTM/WinRTRTM/Win2K12RTM
      • 2836947 .NET 3.5 SP1 - Win8RTM/WinRTRTM/Win2K12RTM
    7. Sitefinity 6.1 Roadmap

      by Gregg Crystal | Jun 03, 2013
      Sitefinity is making some great strides in providing top-notch functionality in 6.1.

      Couple of great features:

      1. Easy-to-Style Navigation: 

      Finally, the navigation in Sitefinity will be much easier to style, and the HTML will be much more lightweight. The current navigation controls can take so long to style, that sometimes we make our own navigation control just to control the HTML.

      2. Mobile Friendly Navigation:

      Everyone is asking for a mobile site, so this feature is certainly welcome. The Roadmap was a little vague on how this will work, but I assume that this feature is a benefit from the overhaul of Sitefinity navigation from above.

      3. Desktop Editing Tool: Live Document Editing, Web Publishing without a Browser, Edit Images, File Managerment

      For years we had to listen to how wonderful it was to do everything WITH a browser, now we have to endure how wonderful it is to do things WITHOUT a browser. That's for a different blog post (I still miss PowerBuilder).

      The Desktop Editing Tool sounds awesome. If you've every watched non-computer savvy people try to edit a website (any website, with any tool, not just Sitefinity), it's painful. I think this tool is a giant step in the right direction. 

      4. Thumbnail Generation:

      This really should have been part of Sitefinity 4.0, so it's a welcome edition. I need it on almost every project we have.

      5. Site Sync:

      This is getting better but I feel it may not be quite there yet.