Six Tips to Leverage the Latest Tech Trends For New Sales

by Gregg Crystal Feb 19, 2015

Tech trends are up but sales are stagnant.  Where are my sales and what do I do?  

Here are six quick suggestions to tell your story and build your business online.  

  1. Follow tech trends online.
    Here’s some great resources:, and

  1. Blog regularly.
    2-3 times per week is recommended for most campaigns.  More is better.  Now that you’re following the trends, what’s your opinion on them? Relate the trends to your own expertise.

  1. Network via social media
    and distribute your blog content on the big social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter).  Run a company page on the first three and promote it on the last one!  
    Become a thought leader!

Google My Business.png

  1. Guest blog!
    Opportunities will arise if you follow steps 2 and 3.  Guest blogging is huge for two reasons: first, it expands your audience and, second, it increases off-page SEO.  The whole idea is to get found by customers.  The best way to do this is to optimize your content for search engines.  Guest blogging will help in a big way.  

  1. Invite your customers into your social network.  
    This is an efficient means to keep them engaged on your deliverables.
    Customers are busy; relying on them to request the next upgrade is insufficient. Bringing them into your network shows them what you do for them as well as for other customers.  This can be an extremely effective way to passively cross-sell or up-sell without a megaphone.  

  1. Report deliverables repeatedly.  
    We work with our retainer clients on a weekly basis but we always do monthly reports based on tangible data.  Stay engaged and communicate value!

    Google Analytics.png

    You can have the greatest product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, your business will be incredibly ineffective.  How can customers buy what they don’t know about?  The short answer: they can’t.

What about referral business?

Referral business is a great source of new sales but oftentimes it doesn’t happen fast enough to make a major impact.  If you want to expand your inner circle then people need to know about your business.  Practice inbound marketing.  

Inbound marketing online helps early adopters find you.  

Roger's Innovation Adoption Curve

Say you live in an area where tech adoption is slower than average.  You’ll have more success with digital strategies that aim to be found than you will by pushing novel ideas on companies that are slow to adopt.  

The innovators and early adopters are out there looking.  Develop a digital strategy to help them find you.  

Start by implementing our six suggestions.  Follow-up with integrated inbound best practices.  

You’ll have case studies ready to go when the early majority in your area is ready to jump on board. New Call-to-action