#1 Reason You'll Love Inbound Sales

by Gregg Crystal Aug 28, 2014

inbound-sales-leadsHow exciting does your sales department get when a lead comes in that is ready to buy right NOW?

Chances are they are ecstatic, and chances are it doesn't happen all that often, but wouldn't it be great to experience this more regularly? 

In my experience with inbound marketing leads, this happens much more often than when using other prospecting methods.

When a lead comes in they are almost ready to make a purchase, and just want to learn more about pricing and how we can work together. 

Inbound Sales Leads Are Ready to Buy Now!

Leads 60-80% Through The Sales Process

When using inbound marketing, your website is already full of content that your prospects want to read. If you've linked in together correctly, the website will automatically carry them through the natural progression of the sales funnel.

Beginning with awareness posts, you'll identify with their problems, and help them understand their current situation. 

After they understand their problem you can offer a solution and discuss the pros and cons of your solution in the consideration stage. Here you'll explain who is a good candidate for the solution, how the solution works better than their current process and even what the solution costs. 

Once they've read enough of the awareness and consideration they progress to the decision stage. In the decision stage you can present case studies, success stories, and specific pricing to their possible needs. At this point, you really want to push them to contact you or become a lead in another way. 

What You Need to Know About Decision Stage Contacts

Once a lead gets to the decision stage, those that contact you are highly qualified to become new clients. Their initial emails will tell you about their current situation, their interest in working with you, and ask for a proposal.

Since all of the nurturing has been automated, you haven't spent time investing in leads that are unqualified for your company. 

The nice thing about this is these leads come READY TO BUY, every sales person loves that, and it's a great feeling to the marketing team who helped put inbound marketing to work for the company. 

Working With PreQualified Inbound Sales Leads

No Need To Pitch

As these leads come in, sales will notice a big difference with them, compared to others. They are already educated and understand what your company has to offer. You don't need to pitch them as they are almost already sold. 

Listen For Their Needs

You need to listen to their needs, be honest with how your company can help them, and move the sale along accordingly. You'll still need to vet whether or not they are a good company for you to work with.

Qualify Them As A Customer

Obviously you don't want to take clients that are not ready for the commitment, need a shorter time frame for results than you can offer, or have higher expectations than are possible. Similarly, you'll want to make sure they can afford the investment with your company. 

How To Start Getting Inbound Sales For Your Company

Any company can start using inbound marketing to produce sales and leads for their business. While it takes time (3-6 months) to start seeing results, this is actually a very small bit of time for most companies.

You can learn more about inbound sales by reading our introductory guide to inbound marketing by clicking the button below. 

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