Lead Segmentation- How Many Leads Do I Need?

by Gregg Crystal Jul 28, 2014

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 Lead segmentation is the act of dividing leads based on peronas, stages of sales and perhaps some actions the leads take.

It is a powerful strategy that gives you the power to automate a significant amount of the sales process. 

When Do You Need Lead Segmentation?

Honestly the earliest you can initiate lead segmentation the more time you will save on generating leads from marketing automation.

But since it requires a lot of effort from your sales and marketing departments, you have to justify this investment. 

A good time to start lead segmenting is when you are having trouble manually keeping up with processing each lead that joins your system.

Depending on the sales and marketing departments, this could be a small handful of leads, or a several leads per day. 

Getting Started With Lead Segmentation

Once you’ve noticed the time investment is just too much for manually processing each lead, and you want to begin lead segmenting, you’ll need a software program to help you set this up. 

Software like Marketo allows you to divide leads based on any number of factors. You’ll need to choose the factors that are most important to you.

Many companies developing their strategy will focus on segmenting based on downloads and pages viewed by the lead. This helps you understand how advanced leads are in the sales process, and then you can build an email marketing campaign around this. 

Significant Amounts of Content for Lead Segmentation

In order to correctly handle the segmentation of your leads, you’ll need significant amounts of content for each buyer persona and sales stage.

In the forms of blog posts, articles, downloads and email campaigns, the marketing department will need to carefully plan the flow of content to each segmentation of leads, and then produce the content for these plans.

Keep in mind that you’ll need large amounts of content for each section of leads you want to separate out from the general pool of prospects. 

We’d be glad to help you get started on the segmenting process, call us today to get help from one of our marketing specialist- we look forward to hearing from you. 

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