Lack of Sales Success? Who Should You Hire?

by Gregg Crystal Aug 12, 2014

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If you're a firm that is sized to only have one salesperson and you've gone through three of them so far, with no success in sight, it might be time to consider an inbound marketing firm.

The right inbound strategy can create leads that can be closed in far less time, you can consider feeding these to your salesperson, or just closing them yourself.

We’ve seen multiple clients struggle with this issue. They look for months for a salesperson and constantly end up hiring the wrong fit. When this occurs, more aggressively with each failed salesperson, sales don’t close and the company stuggles to find new business.

In this situation you have a few options:

  1. Keep looking for that salesperson, and hope to find one that fits your company
  2. Cover sales yourself- among all of your other responsibilities, with your current prospecting procedures
  3. Hire an inbound marketing firm to help with marketing and sales- that fast tracks sales success

How Does An Inbound Marketing Firm Help Close More Sales?

While it might seem like you’ve got a sales problem and not a marketing problem, you could be wrong. Your current marketing is done to get exposure and bring in new people to start the sales process.

With an inbound marketing campaign your goal will be to get exposure, bring new people to the system and prepare them for sales so that when you do finally talk they are up to 60% of the way through the sales process- saving you a heap of time closing these leads. 

What Does This Process Look Like?

Inbound Marketing - More Exposure - Educate Leads = Faster Sales Process

How Does This Help Your Lack of Sales Problem?

Once you take 60% of the sales process and have it done automatically for you, the salesperson will have a lot less work to do with each lead.

You can continue to work with a salesperson and the inbound marketing firm you hire convert the lead to a sale, or handle the sale yourself.

Since there will be a lot less time needed to nurture each lead you might have time to talk to them personally and close the sale on your own.

Working With Salespeople In A Changing Sales World

Before the internet, sales and marketing were two separate departments. Marketing worked on getting leads and sales processed leads into closed deals.

Today, consumers hope to educate themselves about their buying decisions, taking away much of the work from the sales department. 

Marketing has picked up on these tasks to deliver the necessary information via several channels to give the buyer control over the process.

Today much of the selling is handled by marketing, leaving the sales staff more time to focus on closing the most promising leads.

Inbound Marketing to Sales Success

For many companies, inbound marketing is a new strategy that seems much like the holy grail. It promises a lot and gives the impression that once implemented, sales and marketing will be easy and done on autopilot. 

While inbound marketing has several benefits, it isn't the answer for every company. It will cut down the time and costs of marketing, and it will give sales less prospecting, more information and a higher percentage of closed leads (if done right).

On the other hand, it is an investment for both the software and the content necessary to put the system into action. And, it needs regular additions to content, as well as time spent on social media, tracking and analyzing results. 

Overall, the statistical improvements with inbound marketing are quite impressive. We've seen clients take on inbound marketing to improve sales results and when the complete strategy is embraced and followed as it should be, the burden on the sales department is greatly reduced.

If you would like to discuss your current sales processes, personel and time investments we would love to hear from you. Give us a call or fill out a form to tell us more about yourself. Our goal is to help you save time, money and aggravation with a strategy for marketing and sales that works. 

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