How Will Marketing Automation Help My Sales Team Increase Sales?

by Gregg Crystal Aug 4, 2014

The sales team needs 2 things- leads and time to process those leads. In many cases they tend to have too much of one or other.

For instance, in some industries the sales team has few leads and they have to spend most of their time prospecting for more leads.

The problem here comes when you realize a sales team is suppose to close the sales, not generate the interest in the company to begin with- that task belongs to marketing. 

Sales Teams Are Not Marketers

Sales teams that focus on generating leads are not playing to their stronger suit, so when they get to stop focusing on generating leads, but on closing them, their productivity improves- they can increase sales.

This is one way marketing automation helps close more sales. 

Automation Increases The Speed of Each Sale

Another issue the sales department has is they constantly have the same conversations over and over, with different leads.

Instead of taking only the most important (most likely to become a sale) leads they are answering the same emails and phone calls day in and day out to every possible lead that comes along.

When you add marketing automation to the mix, your sales department can separate out the most promising lead, and focus on them. 

Other leads are not left behind when you use marketing automation, and no one falls through the cracks, because all of the information necessary to guide leads to the next stage of the buying process is available to them through carefully designed email marketing campaigns. 

Combined with blog posts, downloads on your website and the opportunity to call to get more information, leads are able to educate themselves and prepare to make a purchase.

They appreciate this system because it gives them the control they seek over the information they need. 

Marketing Automation Is The Answer to More Sales

When you institute a marketing automation program, your sales team sees a dramatic increase in the amount of time they have to work on turning each promising lead into a sale.

Fewer mistakes are made, fewer leads fall through the cracks, and more leads can be handled by the entire team as productivity soars. 

Take the time to learn more about marketing automation. Even for small sales departments, it can be a dramatic difference in the revenue generated for your business.

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