How to Create Great Content for Technology Firms

by Gregg Crystal Mar 5, 2015


Creating great content is difficult.  Technical content is even more difficult.  

On the other hand, technical content that can move the needle for your company is really valuable.  

Most marketing firms aren’t equipped to handle the high-level strategy and execution that is required to create meaningful content for technology firms.  To be successful you need to translate technical expertise into the world of business decision making.  

Here are three ways to make this happen:  

1. Ask your techs what problems they solved today.

Normal techs solve at least one problem every day.  Write about it.  If you don’t want to write there are marketing firms and technology writers that specialize in your sector.  

2. Tell the world about your historical projects by developing case studies.

Incorporate copywriting, video, and design.  Post high quality case studies on the web.  

Next, break your big projects up into smaller projects.  If you installed CRM, Sharepoint, or SQL Server and are providing desktop support, you’re doing four projects - not one!  That’s four case studies!  

To create a great case study, you need:

  • Someone who can write technical copy.  

  • Someone who can make it all look pretty (a designer).  

  • Someone who can produce high quality business video interviews.

  • Participation from a few willing customers and your company’s thought leaders.

3. Ask your salespeople what their customers asked about today.

Customers that ask questions on the phone are the same people that type their questions into Google.  Turn the answer into an article.  Post it on your blog.

Incorporate it into the FAQ section of your website.  Optimize it for search engines. Now when the next person searches for the same question online, your content will be there to bring them to your company’s website.  You have solved the problem for the next 1000 digital searchers.  

Then utilize marketing software like HubSpot to turn these visitors into leads.  

Creating great content is only half the battle

Make sure to network with digital thought leaders in your industry.  Here are two musts:

1. Give your opinion on industry trends

The internet is full of these.  How secure is the iPhone6?  Should I worry about POODLE?  What are the opportunities and opportunity costs of different software integrations?  Write about what’s new.  Get involved.  Share your expertise.

Guest blog

Below are a few places a technology firm could network and post an article.  Blogs with large readerships love having original content created for them for free.  It’s mutually beneficial: they get free content, and you get to leverage an enormous readership full of potential leads. Win-win.

a. Gizmodo

b. DailyTekk

c. Gigaom

d. Computerworld Blog

e. IT Business Edge

If you can, make sure you guest blog with CTAs that bring interested readers back to your home and/or landing pages.  The importance of digital networking cannot be overstated.  Develop relationships online and leverage them to increase both your search ranking and your reach. New Call-to-action