4 Tips To Help You Generate More Leads From Content

by Gregg Crystal Aug 5, 2014

Generate more leadsIf you’ve been reading our blog, you already know that we believe content (written articles, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, etc) are the best way to generate leads for your business through online methods.

In order for you to get the full benefit of generating leads from content, you have to understand the art behind it.

This takes trial and error, but we wanted to provide you with a few tips that make a big difference when you are using content marketing.

Let’s take a look:

Display off your expertise- In every piece of content you produce you have the opportunity to come across as the expert. Do not be afraid to discuss your experiences, the successes you’ve had, or the vast amount of knowledge you have about your topic.

In fact, when you show off your expertise you are convincing visitors that they should want to learn more from you. This leads them to signing up for your downloads, newsletters, etc. 

Be willing to help- Another factor you can implement into each piece is your willingness to help visitors make the best choices for their sales decision.

It’s important to be honest and to not push your solutions as the be all, end all solution of their problems. Most consumers and businesses can see through this approach. Instead seek to provide them with helpful information in each piece, to earn their trust.

Offer more information in a download- There is no reason to give away all of the information you have. Once you’ve written a great piece of content it is perfectly acceptable to present them with an option to learn more about the topic in a download you offer. You absolutely must use a call to action for this, as it will dramatically increase your leads per piece. 

Answer questions to generate more leads- Visitors love to know you care about their concerns. By answering the questions they regularly have, or the questions they actually send you, you can show you care, educate them on your topic and show off your expertise. You’ll also get targeted website traffic from search engines- the highest converting traffic online. 

Generating leads from content is a craft you will hone as you build more content. In the meantime stay tuned to our blog to get more tips on content marketing, marketing automation and lead generation. If you have questions, comment below and we’ll answer them quickly.


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