7 Types of Repurposing Content To Save Time

by Gregg Crystal Aug 23, 2014

IMG_0920You'll write a lot of content for your inbound marketing campaigns.

Including blog posts, emails, giveaways and more, you'll quickly add up the word counts on your website.

But, writing all of this content can be overwhelming and time consuming, so you need to make the most of each piece.

One way to do that is to repurpose content. 

Repurposing content means taking some of what you've already written and using it in another piece of content. For instance, you can turn a blog post into a slideshare, or video. To help you save time and energy this post will talk about how you can repurpose content in your own campaigns. 

Repurposing Content for Industry Specific Personas

We all know how important it is to personalize our content. It gives the impression that we are specialized in a certain industry, and tells the reader we are specific to their needs.

If you have a piece of generic content, you can easily use the same piece for a specific industry by editing the content and inserting industry specific examples or buzz words.

Doing this will give you industry specific giveaways for multiple personas quickly, without having to write everything from scratch. 

Repurposing Blog Posts for GiveAways

Chances are you have dozens of blog posts, all categorized for different purposes. A simple and effective way to reuse this content is to turn several blog posts into a giveaway for a specific topic or industry.

This alone takes very little time as you'll copy and paste much of the content. If you want to add more value, turn some of the posts into audio files people can listen to on the way to work. 

Reverse Repurposing- GiveAways Into Blog Posts

Ebooks and guides you have written already have a lot of information in them, likely they include chapters. Turn these chapters or sub-topics into blog posts. You can leave out the more advanced information you include in the ebook and use that as a teaser for getting subscribers. 

Turn Emails into Blog Posts

Some of your email content will be more effective and attractive to your personas simply because it was written for the more advanced sales lead. While it is written in a different style than blog posts, most emails can be rewritten into a blog post and then used as teaser content for a giveaway or email marketing series. 

Any Written Piece Into Video or Slideshare

Slideshares and videos are a great way to get additional traffic to the same content. They do not have to be state-of-the-art, but should provide the same information and link back to your site for a call to action. 

Videos and Slideshares Written Out

Just like some visitors only want to use video, some visitors only want to read. Turn your videos and slideshares into transcripts or explanations that can be printed out to make it easier for visitors to digest your content in a manner that works best for them. 

Teasers on Article Sites

Article marketing may not be what it once was, but the sites are still active, get traffic and send traffic to your website. You don't have to share your entire blog post or article but you can write a few hundred words describing it and enticing people to visit. At the end include a call to action in the author bio.

More Tips for Repurposing Content 

Increase Readership- You don't have to repurpose content to get more people to digest it, you can simply turn it into a different medium. For example, make it easy to download PDFs of your blog posts. Use GiveAway content in your webinars. 

EDIT- while you are repurposing content, you must edit and proofread to make sure you aren't missing any mistakes. The reader who is investing their time will be able to tell if you are taking your craft professionally. 

Use Stats- Be specific to industries and personas with stats, graphics and real life examples that pertain to them. As you prove how specific you can be to that industry and persona, you make a case for being the vendor to help them with their problems. 

Repurposing Content Summary

While visitors will want different content regularly, there is no reason your company can't repurpose content across categories and personas to save time, and get more information about your solution out to target readers. 

If you need help or have any questions, please follow up with us. We'd be glad to share more tips.

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