5 Tips for Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

by Gregg Crystal Aug 7, 2014

Laptop Work-11Companies executives often wonder exactly how effective inbound marketing can be. Does it really improve lead generation? 

There are so many promises in the marketing world, how can you be sure it will work for your company.

For starters, we’ve seen it work time and again, but to help you out, here are some tips we can offer to get you started.

Content Must Be Useful to Generate Leads

1- Every Piece of Content Fills A Need- Don’t write blog posts, articles, guest blog posts or downloads unless your buyer personas need that information either to function within your industry or to help them through the sales and information process. 

Telling Visitors What To Do Gathers More Leads

2- Use Relevant Calls to Action- Don’t use Submit for a button, or click here, these are calls to action of the past. Instead, make each call to action relevant to what you are offering. Here are some samples:

  • Download Your Guide to Success Now
  • Grab Your Download to Get Started Today
  • Send My Guide (for submit buttons)
  • Get Your Tips Download Here

Give Leads Several Options To Get Their Information

3- Offer Several Landing Pages- Simply put- the more landing pages- the better. Companies with more than 15 landing pages generate significantly more leads than companies with fewer than 10. 

You Only Want Possible Leads As Visitors

4- Generate Targeted Traffic- Traffic in general may not be enough to produce leads from your website. You want to get visits from people who care about your industry, what you do as a company and the products you offer. Be sure you are focusing on the quality of the traffic you are getting, than going for volume. 

Being Transparent Increases Lead Generation

5- Provide All of the Answers- If your visitors have questions, make sure you address them. Don’t make them dig through your site looking for answers to their burning questions. 

Over 60% of the sales process is already completed when they decide to contact you, consumers want the power to educate themselves and if you don’t give them the option a competitor will. 

The internet and social media have drastically changed how consumers gather information.

No longer do they rely on the information given to them in sales, instead they seek out answers from sources they trust- and usually this does not mean the product provider. By being transparent to visitors, your company can earn the trust back and generate more leads. 

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